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Socrates supports different types of investigations - choose the relevant type according to your use case


Uncover the ecosystem of your research field of interest


Find out all the information related to the company you are interested in


Find all the pages of a given website and search within them

Academic Researcher

Build a full academic profile and the community around it 

Academic Research Group

Build full academic profiles for multiple researchers

University / Organization

Map the academic ecosystem of a given university / organization


Find all tenders related to your area of business


Reveal what experts are writing about particular subjects in politics and policy 

Local Documents

Discover hidden insights within your local documents 

covid 19

Use Case

To deal effectively with the Coronavirus pandemic, researchers needed to get the most up-to-date information quickly and accurately to leverage existing research, minimize errors and redundancies and organize their findings faster. In a global pandemic, every moment meant another life saved!

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