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The Ultimate AI-Based Research Partner

Socrates super powers any type of research: organizes your questions, tailors your research to your specific needs, collects relevant documents and prioritizes the results in an easy to access fashion with important insights surfaced.


Socrates does research better than you ever could.

Search ≄ Research

Researchers, Information Experts, Analysts and Intelligence Officers are tasked with finding information and data for reports and findings that move the organization forward. The first stop is always Google, which is a search engine: type in a query - get results - and then good luck...
You’re left to sort through endless results, with nowhere to annotate, share, refine - it’s tens and even hundreds of hours of tedious manual data analysis. 

The same goes for academic search engines like Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic: endless data - no way to automatically catalogue and organize it - no inferences - no mapping connections between Co-Authors and research entities - no way to organize the research simply and clearly and get it ready for a powerful report.

It’s time to up your research - it’s time for Socrates!

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The Solution

Socrates is the ultimate AI-based research partner.

Socrates super powers all research questions and lets you tailor your research to your needs, organizing it better than you ever could.


Socrates Fundamentals:

  • Focus - Topic, Company, Academic Researcher, Tender, etc.

  • Field - What’s the area you need researched - i.e. Corona virus treatments? High Power Lasers? Competitors of Company X? 

  • Filter - Broaden, narrow and refine your search with our smart suggestions

  • Find - The most relevant and trusted sources with keywords and concepts highlighted

  • Feedback -  Let Socrates know if you want more or less of something, like/dislike the results so Socrates can continuously improve the results and customize them

  • Frame - Annotate, label, connect to other sources, include/exclude specific sources and watch your research tree take shape

  • Files - Keep your research neat and orderly, easily accessible, all in one place

  • Finish - Automatically generate a report based on all or parts of your research, edit and send for review!

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How Does It Work?

Once you launch an investigation, a three-stage process begins:​


Retrieval of relevant documents

Using Data Mining, Natural Language Processing and statistical algorithms, Socrates' AI engine scans the open and deep web and retrieves relevant data.


Interactive exploration

Socrates uses a unique iterative discovery process, during which 

search terms are added and results are ranked based on feedback from the user.


Visual ecosystem discovery

Socrates identifies and understands the relationships between multiple entities such as People, Organizations, Locations and Terms.

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Key Benefits

Fast Ramp Up

Learn more about a field of interest FASTER than ever


Suddenly there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Instead of a research project taking weeks or months - how about hours or days? Now - it’s possible and feasible

Powerful Reporting

Get the analysis packaged into a clear, concise report, ready to edit, share, get feedback and deliver

Know The Ecosystem

Discover key players, companies, competitors, products and how they all interconnect with our unique and visually striking Entity Graph

No More Grunt Work

Let Socrates do the initial analysis and filtering and bring you the truly viable sources and resources, organized and clear - freeing you to focus on your expert analysis

"Using Socrates, I’m able to reach exactly what I’m looking for quickly, with high coverage, even without knowing the exact keywords in advance. A work that takes days and even weeks with other tools, requires only an hour or two with Socrates.It is truly a game changer."

Chief Analyst

The Prime Minister’s Office

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Socrates In
The Media

This AI Tool Is Putting On Scrubs to Fight Covid-19

"Socrates, an AI research tool originally developed for security agencies by Israel-based company Omnisol, is now being used by Israeli hospitals to advance coronavirus research.

Socrates allows analysis of emerging technologies and is capable of determining their possible applications, both now and in the future, as well as pinpointing relevant researchers, experts, and companies working in the field."


Raphael Kahan,


Literature Review and Knowledge Distribution During an Outbreak:

A Methodology for Managing Infodemics

"This artificial intelligence–based data harvesting research engine simplified the integration of multiple online sources (including social media and preprint archives) and enabled complex literature review designs with an unlimited number of search terms. Additionally, every search term could be further defined for the level of impact it should have on the results: the user could mark a term as obligatory and harvest results that necessarily contained that term, the user could boost a term to increase the visibility of results that contained that term, or the user could give penalties to terms to decrease the visibility of results with that term."

Academic Medicine,

Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Research?

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