Once you launch an investigation, a three-stage process begins:


Retrieval of relevant documents

Using Data Mining, NLP and statistical algorithms, Socrates' AI engine scans the open and deep web and retrieves relevant data.


Interactive exploration

Socrates uses a unique iterative discovery process, during which 

search terms are added and results are ranked based on feedback from the user.


Visual ecosystem discovery

Socrates identifies and understands the relationships between multiple entities such as: people, companies, technologies, etc.

Spending endless hours looking for leading companies, competitors, products, leads and potential partners?
Going through countless papers while conducting a deep technological survey or an academic literature survey?
Socrates is the right tool for you!

Socrates is a market intelligence platform allowing organizations to explore their ecosystem and make better decisions in real-time

Socrates Joins The

Fight Against COVID-19

"Using Socrates, I’m able to reach exactly what I’m looking for quickly, with high coverage, even without knowing the exact keywords in advance. A work that takes days and even weeks with other tools, requires only an hour or two with Socrates.

It is truly a game changer."

Chief Analyst
The Prime Minister’s Office



"Socrates allows analysis of emerging technologies and is capable of determining their possible applications, both now and in the future, as well as pinpointing relevant researchers, experts, and companies working in the field"


Raphael Kahan, CTECH by CALCALIST


We are proud to have as our partners leading organizations from the government, academic and industrial sectors.

Corona National Information and Knowledge Center



Idea Driven

There's no need to know the terminology of your topic of interest. All you need are the ideas you want to explore.

Multi Source

Thousands of parallel searches are made on multiple sources, such as web pages, news, academic publications and more.

Real Time

Designed to help you get to answers and insights quickly and efficiently on your own.


Socrates continuously monitors the investigation topic and sends alerts whenever new and relevant data become available.


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