Socrates Joins The

Fight Against COVID-19



To deal effectively with the coronavirus epidemic, it is essential to get the most up-to-date information quickly and accurately. 
Questions such as: ‮"‬Which existing drugs could be effective for treating COVID-19?‮"‬ and ‮"‬What is the accuracy of existing SARS-CoV-2 tests?‮"‬ are difficult to answer using standard search engines. The search process requires many hours of tedious work and the research often ends with partial results. This leads to inaccurate or incorrect conclusions.



Socrates is a power tool for conducting professional web investigations which handles such questions extremely well. It employs Artificial Intelligence to extract subject matter terminology and reveal entities such as experts, products, and companies.
Thousands of web searches are executed automatically in order to obtain comprehensive coverage, enabling Socrates to answer complex questions in real-time.


We make Socrates freely available to research groups and think tanks in order to help the global battle to overcome the coronavirus. We have already deployed Socrates in the following organizations: 
  • The Corona National Information and Knowledge Center
  • The Prime Minister’s Office
  • The Corona Research Team at the Rambam Healthcare Campus
Socrates was enthusiastically adopted by these organizations and plays a key role in many coronavirus-related investigations. 

"Socrates helps us to provide relevant insights to the decision makers in the Ministry of Health and to map the relevant knowledge base In quick timescales. 


With Socrates, we were able to discover, on the one hand, the pharmaceuticals and Corona tests ecosystems, and on the other hand, to deepen and explore all the relevant publications

for the sub-domains"

Yaron Friedman

Head of the Drugs and COVID-19 Tests

Corona National Information and Knowledge Center



We are currently working to expand Socrates' marketing intelligence capabilities to identify alternative suppliers and recommend repurposing of relevant technologies.
These unique capabilities will help deal with the severe shortage of essential medical supplies that we’re currently experiencing, and in the near future - help many businesses adjust and succeed in the post-corona economy.